Asus Wireless Router Fixes

Is your Asus Wireless Router is giving you trouble? Don't worry; here I'm providing Asus Wireless Router Fixes.
Asus is a Taiwanese Computer and Phone Hardware and Electronics company founded in 1989. Headquarters of Asus is located in Beitou District, Taipei.
Asus produces numbers of products which include desktops, phones, networking equipment, WiFi router, projectors, graphic cards, smartphones, servers, workstations, etc.
Wireless Routers is one its Asus Product. It is famous for its quality and attracting features.
But as it says, time is not same for anyone, that's why it may possible, sometimes it is possible that it may trouble you also due to any technical issue.An example of few Common Asus Wireless Router Issues are:
a. Setup Issue
b. Unsecure Connection
c. A router is blinking orange
d. Devices are connected but there is no internet connection
e. Need to reset password

So, for such critical time, here is following Asus Wireless Router Fixes:
1- First of all, restart your Asus router after cooling it down for 5-6 min.
2-In between also restart your modem.
Most probably, this will fix your issue, but if doesn't then try to resolve it by resetting your Asus wireless router.
Steps to reset your Asus Wireless Router:

  1. At first, be ensured that you plugged your Asus router to the power plug but unplugged from the modem.
  2. Then, look at the back/bottom of your Asus router, you will a reset hole or key.
  3. Now, press that reset key using any thin wooden stick/pen that easily fits there and presses it of 50 sec at maximum.
  4. When your Asus router did its resetting it will start flashing and that’s the signal which means to release the reset key,
  5. After that restart your Wireless Asus Router.
    6.Since you reset your Router's information. Therefore, it means you need to do all the setting again as you did it earlier when it is new.

If your issue persists even after this resetting of your Wireless Asus Router, then you can contact our Asus Router Support Numbers from here: . On these numbers, our tech experts are available 24/7 to help you. They are trained experts whose aim is to help Asus Router's Users by giving best and effective solution for their issue that they are facing while using our Asus Router. Asus believes Happy Customers means Happy Company.

If you are using Cisco Router and having an issue while using it, just visit . Here you get troubleshooting guide for Cisco Router.